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KAPITAL Collaborates with Cedella Marley on Talkin’ Blues Collection

  Los Angeles, CA- February 08, 2019- Iconic Japanese denim brand Kapital collaborates with Cedella Marley, daughter of Bob and Rita Marley on a new collection, Talkin’ Blues, inspired by Bob Marley’s iconic denim style, that will be exclusively available at H. Lorenzo in the US. The collection incorporates classic Marley iconography and motifs with Kapital’s tattoo-inspired embroidery and patchwork on selvedge denim workwear.  Following their first meeting in Spring 2018, KAPITAL’s designer KIRO Hirata and ZION ROOTSWEAR’s designer Cedella Marley found common ground in their storied familial background in denim, and their desire to innovate the industry for the next...

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Union Los Angeles x Tuff Gong at ComplexCon

Union Los Angeles creates amazing experiences in their booths at ComplexCon, and has also dropped some of the best product on the floor. Union’s limited-edition collaboration with Tuff Gong made its debut at the convention. The merchandise included vintage-inspired graphic T-shirts.

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Tuff Gong releases capsule collection with streetwear brand NOAH NYC

NOAH released their capsule collection with Tuff Gong in September 2018, following the Stussy release. Tuff Gong is a record label, studio and distribution company located in Kingston, Jamaica. Founded by Bob Marley in 1965, the name comes from Marley’s own nickname, which he earned as a teenager growing up in Trenchtown for his tough attitude. Bob Marley and Tuff Gong were at the center of the Jamaican music scene’s distinct organic style. This 11- piece collection shows off that style. Noah was given permission to access Tuff Gong logos in order to create this capsule collection. Encompassing tees and...

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Graphic-heavy collaboration with Stussy

 For its Summer ’18 collection, Stussy worked with the Bob Marley family to honor the iconic singer-songwriter, who has provided ceaseless inspiration for the brand since day one. Graphics included a collection of artwork from Marley’s tour posters, and albums, including his 1978 record, “Kaya,,” as well as references to Tuff Gong, the Kingston recording studio Marley founded in 1965. The collection included T-shirts and fleeces that evoked a mood as harmonious and peaceful as Marley’s 1978 record. The collaboration uses a vibrant green, yellow and red color palette and includes tie-dyed T-shirts inspired by songs such as “Rat...

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Recycled, sustainable collection with Organic Sound

The limited-edition collaboration with the brand Organic Sound was made exclusively from organic and recycled materials. The first collection was named the “Kaya Capsule,” celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bob Marley’s iconic activism-fueled “Kaya Album.” “Kaya” means “The Healing Seed,” which served as the guiding light for the groundbreaking collaboration, using only high-quality recycled and sustainable fabrics. Only 100 pieces of each style were made. The second collection, the  “Soccer Capsule,” was inspired by Bob Marley’s passion for soccer and was released in early July 2018, as the World Cup in Russia was underway. SHOP THE KAYA COLLECTION HERE.

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