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These Organic Tees Keep the Kaya Spirit Alive

Tuff Gong collaborates with zero waste-philosophy line Organic Sound to drop two Bob Marley capsule collections of just 100 pieces each. 

Bob Marley was a style icon almost as much as he was a music revolutionary—rocking easy button-ups, leather jackets, and the iconic Rasta colors of green, gold, and red with a self-assured ease that today’s street style kids are endlessly chasing. As novelist Marlon James waxes poetic about in GQ, Marley’s look defined a laid-back yet incredibly intentional aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram (and in fact, is probably on the inspo boards of young influencers everywhere). Organic Sound x Tuff Gong’s new line of organic tees and jackets will capture that cool for a new generation.


New Limited-Edition Line

Paying homage to the Marley legacy while keeping things modern was key for the designers behind Organic Sound, an innovative, zero-waste brand based in Spain. The first of their two Bob Marley-themed capsule collections drops 4/20, available for the first time in the U.S.  It will feature five unisex pieces riffing on the relaxed spirit of Marley’s 1978 album, Kaya, which featured hits like “Is This Love” and “Easy Skanking.” The album came in the wake of the more fraught sound of Exodus—but carried an equally potent activist message of unity and freedom. The pieces play off the timeless image of a cannabis plant from the album’s back cover, rendered in restrained graphics that are low-key and completely covetable. The second limited-edition batch, Soccer, will debut ahead of the 2019 World Cup and is a nod to Marley’s favorite sport. At just 100 pieces each, including a retro-cool ode to a seventies track jacket, the runs are pretty much destined to become collector’s items for everyone from die-hard Bob Marley fans to the kids crowding outside Kith on weekends.


Sustainable Style

Aesthetics aren’t the only way Organic Sound is keeping the revolutionary spirit of Kaya and Bob Marley alive. An offshoot of a larger textile company, the brand takes an innovative approach to creating musician-themed tees, creating pop-up donation bins at concerts for fans to bring in their tees for recycling, in turn getting early access to new designs made from Organic Sounds’ super-soft material made from post-consumer waste cotton. As the company points out, “80% of a product’s impact is determined by the materials it’s made with.” In response, they created a system called The Loop™, which shreds items like old concert merch back into fibers and re-weaves them with new organic materials to make a whole new yarn. In addition to their partnership with Tuff Gong, Organic Sound has also worked with artists like Jason Mraz, and donates a percentage of profits to a local disabilities non-profit in Barcelona. It’s a quietly groundbreaking way to change how musician-themed clothing gets made. The fact that the styles look fresh doesn’t hurt their longevity, either.

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