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Get Up, Stand Up with New Tees and Children’s Book

Cedella Marley tells us how she turned her father’s iconic message of justice into an anti-bullying children’s book.    On September 10, Cedella Marley publishes her latest children’s book: Get Up, Stand Up, which incorporates the lyrics of Bob Marley’s iconic anthem into a brilliantly colorful story. She is amplifying a key-value her parents shared with her, and one she passed on to her own three sons—that proudly standing up for yourself and others is the best way to curb bullying. Proceeds from the book, as well as from our new collection of Tuff Gong tees for adults, kids, and...

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New Hoodie Honors Rita Marley’s “One Draw”

“I loved performing this song all over the world,” Rita tells us.   Rita Marley is perhaps best known as Bob Marley’s widow, but she is an accomplished musician in her own right. She is now being celebrated as such, first with the recent reissue of her finest work, in a vinyl LP pressing, Lioness of Reggae: The Best of Rita Marley. And then with a new limited-edition sweatshirt celebrating her iconic 1981 song, “One Draw,” available right here.  THE MAKING OF THE HOODIE Cedella Marley couldn’t wait to get her hands on the sweatshirt prototype that was emblazoned with...

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You may know her as Bob Marley’s widow, and the mother of Cedella, Stephen and Ziggy (to name just a few of her loving children). To celebrate our upcoming Rita Marley-inspired hoodie sweatshirt, we are highlighting Rita’s many life accomplishments.  SHE WAS RAISED NEAR BOB MARLEY IN TRENCHTOWN. Alpharita Constantia Anderson was born in Cuba on July 25, 1947, and was raised in the Trenchtown neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica. The Wailers—Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer—often passed by the metal shack where Rita was living. BOB MARLEY BECAME HER MENTOR. Rita started performing with Constantine Walker, her cousin, and...

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The Inside Scoop on Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz at the Women’s World Cup

The Reggae Girlz have made it to the World Cup, and their benefactor, Cedella Marley, could not be more proud. It’s been a long road to the World Cup for Jamaica’s women’s soccer team—aka the Reggae Girlz. As has been reported in The New York Times, the Miami Herald, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and ESPN, Cedella Marley has been the driving force behind their ascent: raising money and awareness, even finding them a coach. So how does she feel, now that the girls have fought their way back into existence, and made it to the World Cup? “I am...

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The Kaya Festival Celebrates Marley’s Legacy

Stephen Marley reveals why he founded the festival, what he loves best about it, and who he’s most excited to see.  For eight-time Grammy winner Stephen Marley, April 20 is an important day on a few levels. There’s the 4/20 nod to cannabis, for one. It’s also his birthday. And it is the third annual Kaya Fest, which was his brainchild. “It started from wanting to do something special on that day,” he says. “It’s a great opportunity to educate people about the plant and celebrate at the same time.”  This year, Kaya has found a home in Miami’s Bayfront...

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