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The Inside Scoop on Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz at the Women’s World Cup

The Reggae Girlz have made it to the World Cup, and their benefactor, Cedella Marley, could not be more proud. It’s been a long road to the World Cup for Jamaica’s women’s soccer team—aka the Reggae Girlz. As has been reported in The New York Times, the Miami Herald, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and ESPN, Cedella Marley has been the driving force behind their ascent: raising money and awareness, even finding them a coach. So how does she feel, now that the girls have fought their way back into existence, and made it to the World Cup? “I am...

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The Kaya Festival Celebrates Marley’s Legacy

Stephen Marley reveals why he founded the festival, what he loves best about it, and who he’s most excited to see.  For eight-time Grammy winner Stephen Marley, April 20 is an important day on a few levels. There’s the 4/20 nod to cannabis, for one. It’s also his birthday. And it is the third annual Kaya Fest, which was his brainchild. “It started from wanting to do something special on that day,” he says. “It’s a great opportunity to educate people about the plant and celebrate at the same time.”  This year, Kaya has found a home in Miami’s Bayfront...

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Tuff Gong Partners with The Bob Marley Foundation

Five percent of all Tuff Gong clothing proceeds will fund the foundation that works tirelessly to enhance the lives of every Jamaican. We launched Tuff Gong collaborations knowing one thing for certain: A portion of our sales would fund the causes that the Marley family is passionate about. Proceeds from one of our first collaborations, with Sandro Paris, went to Marley for Education project, which pays for books and school fees for Jamaican students. Now, 5% of every product sold goes straight to The Bob Marley Foundation. The Foundation Started in 1986 by Bob Marley’s family, The Bob Marley Foundation...

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These Organic Tees Keep the Kaya Spirit Alive

Tuff Gong collaborates with zero waste-philosophy line Organic Sound to drop two Bob Marley capsule collections of just 100 pieces each.  Bob Marley was a style icon almost as much as he was a music revolutionary—rocking easy button-ups, leather jackets, and the iconic Rasta colors of green, gold, and red with a self-assured ease that today’s street style kids are endlessly chasing. As novelist Marlon James waxes poetic about in GQ, Marley’s look defined a laid-back yet incredibly intentional aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram (and in fact, is probably on the inspo boards of young influencers...

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Bob Marley’s Favorite Drink

Irish Moss, the Jamaican drink Bob Marley drank nearly every day, has some interesting health benefits. “The greener you are, the wiser you will be.” —Bob Marley Throughout his life, Bob Marley was loyal to the Rastafarian diet called “ital.” (A strict ital diet is vegetarian, but Marley, like many of his fellow Rastas, ate meat and most fish, but no pork and no salt.) He even took his own Jamaican chef, Gilly, with him on tour. At every concert stop, Gilly would create a post-show feast of “rice and peas,” rice and kidney beans steamed in coconut milk with...

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